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An animation of the story of Cinderella. The Fairy Godmother is trying to decide on the best material to make shoes. She considers fair testing and keeps the three materials the same size. She weighs them choosing the 'biggest is best' approach.
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4 March 2008

Classroom Ideas

After viewing the clip, ask pupils to design posters, warning people of the disadvantages and dangers of wearing glass footwear. Ask: "What problems would you have if your shoes were made of glass?" (Aside from the danger of the glass shattering and injury, there would be problems with lack of grip, lack of flexibility, and lack of insulation against heat or cold. Glass isn't porous or 'breathable', so there'd also be a problem with sweaty feet.) Pupils could go on to deconstruct a shoe or slipper, to discover how many different materials were used to make it. They could display the results, labelling the materials and including notes on how their properties were useful in the shoe's construction.