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Which animal is the best predator? Crocodiles have been on Earth for 70 million years and have outlived the dinosaurs. They have optimal physical characteristics for living in their habitat and are capable of great power and speed. Polar bears are the largest land predator. They can smell seals over a distance of twenty miles and can run at a speed of twenty five miles per hour. The coyote is the most common predator in North America. It will eat almost anything but will take prey such as livestock if given the chance. The Indian fishing cat hunts mice, rabbits, frogs, birds and fish. It is skilled in stealth, has lightning reflexes, patience and perfect coordination between eye and paw.
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5 June 2009

Classroom Ideas

The animals in this clip can support children in the creation of an animal factfile stating where it lives, what it eats and any special features. During work on variation, pupils could identify how humans are different from these predators. After watching this clip, a matching game could be made to help pupils identify which food is eaten by which animal.