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A classic fairytale with a bit of a twist! When Red Riding Hood meets a wolf in the forest first they have a friendly little dance. She points to where she’s going and it gives the wolf an idea, and he races off to get there first. When she arrives at her grandma’s house she soon realises something isn’t right about her grandmother – she stares at her big eyes, big ears and even bigger teeth and then she knows that really it’s the wolf! They have a pillow fight and she releases her grandma from the wardrobe and together they drive him from the house!
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22 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Ask the class to watch the clip and as there is no narration, question the children to check their understanding of the events. Compare and contrast story. Explore story setting, characters and emotions. Write dialogue for characters and re-enact, use dance as stimulus for own interpretation of the story or use percussion instruments to create music to accompany. Use the theme of the story to discuss morals in PSHE. You could also split the story into different sections and allocate each section to a small group of children for them to perform, adding dialogue. The children can then perform the story as a whole class, using this as a basis to write the story which will include narration and dialogue.