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An explanation of how the influence of transnational companies keeps banana prices low. Begins with images of poverty in Ecuador and suggests the profits from the banana industry are drained overseas.

Three key US transnationals are involved in the banana trade, and Ecuador is forced to keep prices low in order to remain competitive in the global market. This is the essence of the 'Trade Trap'. Animation is used to introduce the concept of Fair Trade, and transport and shipping are huge obstacles to overcome.
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8 October 2002

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used to investigate economic geography, the role of fair trade, trading relations, globalisation, inter-dependence and development issues. Discuss why money made from bananas does not remain in Ecuador. Is this fair? Who benefits most from the existing trade in bananas? What are the TNCs that dominate Ecuador's banana industry. What percentage of the price of a banana sold in a UK supermarket goes to the supermarket, export and transport companies, producers and plantation workers? How is Fair Trade helping to improve the life of those working in the banana trade?