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Conductor Antonio Pappano appraises Puccini's one act 20th century comic opera 'Gianni Schicchi'. With help from professional opera singers around the piano, Pappano explains the innovative compositional techniques Puccini used to enable each one of a quartet of characters to be heard as they all passionately sing together. Pappano is seen rehearsing the opera set in the 1950s for the Royal Opera House production.

There are also shots of the chorus on stage performing the opera too. With the help of four professional opera singers, the conductor explains through performance at the piano and comments on how Puccini used devices such as a quartet of four voices singing at the same time combined with contemporary word painting to enable each character to be heard during a passionate musical passage.
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7 June 2010

Classroom Ideas

Use this piece to explore the idea of musical conflict. Working in small groups, students could improvise a conventional argument on an agreed theme, using words only. They should then record and transcribe their spoken lines. Next, they could devise tunes, so as to sing these words as expressively as possible.