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Actor Louise Lombard examines different versions of Act 1 Scene 7 from William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', looking at how Lady Macbeth persuades her husband to continue with the plot to kill Duncan.
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17 May 1996

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to explore the theme of sexuality (or passion if you prefer) in the play. What role do students think lust or passion plays in the relationship of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth? Using the speech whereby Lady Macbeth persuades her husband to murder Duncan, can students identify any language which is sexually charged? They could use three different colour highlighters: green for no passions, orange for passions rising and bright pink for the obviously charged sections. Finally, if the students were working for the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) which age certificate would they give the play, or the filmed versions shown in the clip?