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Alcohol can affect the body and brain. It can lessen perception and judgement. This has consequences for young people. A doctor explains how a small amount of alcohol can influence the ability of a young person to make decisions, which can then lead to everyday tasks resulting in injury. Alcohol has an impact on the decision-making process.
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24 January 2005

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to help students understand the risks and dangers of alcohol in young people. If possible, bring in some extra reading material on the subject and let pupils explore and discover some more facts about alcohol abuse. Ask: "What are the effects of alcohol on the human body? In what ways can alcohol affect people? How can it affect family and friends' relationships? Are there any laws? How would they feel if they were forced to drink? How would they feel if they had a younger sibling who drank? " A doctor or nurse might be invited to talk to students about the effects of alcohol. They can consider and investigate the links between alcohol and anti-social behaviour. It would be necessary to check if any of the pupils were in a family affected by the alcohol misuse.