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We visit Montreal to find out what people do as sport at different times of the year. We meet Sandra, a young diver, who tells us about diving, her training, her goals and what the national sport in Québec is. Members of the public are then asked about the national sport.
First broadcast:
31 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

Could be used when learning about sports. The class could try to work out the meaning of the phrase ‘en hiver on fait du ski, du patinage et du hockey sur glace’. Then, working in groups they could try to research a further 5 winter sports that are associated with the Olympics – and translate them into French!

During the interview with Sandra, the class could answer the following comprehension questions:
1. How old is she? (13/ 14/ 15)
2. How long has she been training? (6/ 7/ 8 years)
3. Which days of the week does she train? ( M/ T/ W/ TH/ F/ S/ SU)
4. How long does she train for? (1.5-2 hours/ 2.5 0 3 hours/ 3.5-4 hours)
5. What sports does she like to watch? (hockey/baseball/football)

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