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A report that explores the internet and how its use exploded in the 1990s, including an explanation of search engines, e-mail, internet-based video gaming and the benefits of the World Wide Web. The report discusses the breadth of information available, video footage of internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee and video games in action.
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5 June 2007

Classroom Ideas

Any study of the 20th century will need to explore the impact of the worlds of science and technology on everyday life. Students could discuss the impact of Tim Berners-Lee on their lives. Does the internet deserve a place among the most significant inventions of the 20th century? What has been its impact on the way we live and work? Which of the things mentioned in the clip has had the greatest impact - work, leisure or education? How might you decide if an invention is/ was significant, and how much impact it has had on peoples' lives? Do you agree with the reporter's statement that the internet was the biggest single technological change since Victorian times?' What other contenders can you think of?

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