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An outdoor pursuits centre in County Down, Northern Ireland, gets some of its power needs from solar panels and wind turbines. At Shannaghmore Activity Centre in the Mourne Mountains, outdoor activities on offer include canoeing and wet bouldering, so hot showers are needed. The solar panels (photovoltaics) are on the mountain and just need ordinary daylight. The power from the light goes into the batteries and is carried downhill along with power from the wind turbines to power the showers. Rainwater is collected on site to top up the batteries when needed. More solar panels mean more power can be collected.
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1 February 2002

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to show the usefulness of alternative energy sources. Pupils could watch this clip as an introduction to their own school project on green energy. Children could be asked to carry out fieldwork around the school site, taking measurements of wind speed (using anemometers), noting sunny or shady spots and ultimately making an informed decision about the best place to install solar panels. Their ideas could be recorded as an annotated sketch map of the school and pupils could present the school council with their suggestions. Alternatively, after watching the clip, pupils could write a letter to the local council in County Down, explaining why Shannaghmore activity centre should win an eco award.

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