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A dramatisation showing three boys stealing a car. The presenter points out that this is a serious crime and a policeman explains the charges each boy is likely to face. A notification will also be sent to the reporter of the Children’s Panel.
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24 January 2005

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used to discuss how we know the difference between right and wrong and to reflect on actions and consequences. What are children's reactions to breaking the law and punishment? Why do rules exist? Do they agree with what would happen to the boys on the clip? Why (not)? What could lead someone to do something illegal? Ask the class to imagine a world without rules. What would that be like? As a follow-up activity, pupils could work in pairs to make a set of two posters. One showing, for example, a classroom/ a school where rules are applied and another one where there are no rules. Which environment would they feel more comfortable in? Why? The dangers of driving a car could be dealt with as a separate issue. Pupils can discuss strategies to be used by an individual who is pressurised to do something illegal by his or her peers. The police could be invited to the class to discuss this issue.

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