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Simon Armitage explores his rationale for the poem 'Out of the Blue'. Analysis of the structure and language of the poem is combined with documentary footage from 9/11, with a particular focus on one image from this footage that Armitage explains was the original stimulus for the poem.
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9 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

Can be used as a way of studying how the poetic form and choice of structure can help us to document and deal with some of the biggest and most important issues and events of our times. Students can analyse and comment on Armitage's use of structure in the poem eg the shape of the poem reflecting the towers, the ordered structure of the poem containing tension before a climax or explosion of something, the repetition representing the shaking hand-held camera work and so on. On a template showing the outline of The Twin Towers on the New York skyline, students could summarise their ideas and findings.