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Monica is excited about the upcoming chess tournament and insists that Lara, aged 12, enters the contest, as Lara had told everyone that she had won a trophy for chess. Lara had told them that, but it was a lie. Lara doesn’t know the first thing about chess! Meanwhile, Gabriel hasn't done his homework, so he and Tony lie to the teacher and say that Gabriel's bag has been stolen. Gabriel is wracked with guilt and Tony desperately tries to make him relax or he might blow their cover. The next day, try as she might, Lara can't seem to lose a game of chess. Through sheer luck she ends up winning the tournament. But she can't stand the guilt of lying to everyone around her, so she refuses the trophy, and announces to the whole school that she lied. Inspired by Lara's honesty Gabriel and Tony also confess that they also lied. Both Lara and Gabriel learn that lying isn't worth it, and that telling the truth is always best.
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16 May 2012

Classroom Ideas

This clip may be used to explore moral dilemmas. Could be used to create a debate around 'white lies' and explore how they could snowball. Children could respond to the quiz questions and discuss outcomes for each option. Children could also hot seat the characters and explore why they responded the way they did each time. Children could reflect on times when they have lied and devise a poster for younger children on how to make amends after a lie.