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With the fall of communism, Orthodox Christianity has been revitalised in Russia. However, atheism has not died out. Peter Owen-Jones explores the revival of religion in post-Soviet Russia. He takes part in Epiphany celebrations in the re-built Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, a busy, chaotic ritual marking the baptism of Jesus. In the face of this rejuvenated Christianity, atheists in Moscow are not impressed. The presenter hears an atheist response to the religious revival, which is put down to people needing the guidance of an external force. Peter Owen-Jones then visits an atheist debating society to consider the current strength of atheism in Russia.
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9 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

Students considering philosophical arguments for and against the existence of God might use this clip as they weigh up the arguments. They could evaluate the atheist's view that people have replaced the dogma of communism for the dogma of Christianity, and consider the impact and value of the Orthodox rituals for believers.