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Michael and Isabelle are dancing at the festival the evening before he is due to return to Belfast. We see Michael saying goodbye and getting on the coach the following day.
This clip is from:
Vingt Minutes
First broadcast:
30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to revise and practise the il/ elle and ils/ elles forms of the perfect tense. Students could write a story about an imaginary camping trip or other holiday or weekend away using the il/ elle and ils/ elles forms. They could revise vocabulary to do with the family, and then write in the perfect tense about the lives of members of their family, based on what they have heard. The imperative could be introduced or revised and in pairs they could come up with phrases that are relevant to them, eg téléphone-moi, viens avec moi. They could write an email to a friend including in it as many imperatives as possible.

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