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Breakdance developed as a street dance in the 1970s. Crews from across the globe compete for the 'B Boys' title. Two crew members from the Trinity Warriors throw down a challenge to a Blue Peter presenter and 10-year-old Cameron. They create a dance routine and the camera captures them training with other crew members. The routine is broken down into four stages - top rock - a stepping pattern standing upright; the drop - the transition fall to the floor; footwork or down rock, which displays a dance movement on the floor with hands supporting the dancers; and a freeze, which is a stylish pose using upper body strength.
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22 January 2010

Classroom Ideas

This clip would work best at the end of a gymnastic unit, to introduce the next dance unit. After watching the clip, the children can discuss the connection between dance and gymnastics and try to list the skills and principles needed for both. Safety expectations should be shared and children could work with a partner to create a simple routine.

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