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A discussion about the different uses of Balmedie Country Park in Aberdeen and the possible conflicts of interest centred on it. Balmedie Country Park's focus is on people with nature in mind. It attracts 150,000 visitors a year, most of whom come to use the beach. A kite surfer explains why he sees the beach as underused and underdeveloped with potential for the inclusion of new facilities. However the budget for the upkeep of the park is very limited and must cover the cost of natural damage as well as human pressure.
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17 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

Ask students to consider how tourist activities are managed in coastal areas. Show the clip without sound first. Ask them to spot all the different techniques in place to manage the impact of visitors in coastal areas e.g. litter bins, boardwalks, signage. Ask them to also look out for evidence that more management is required. Then watch the clip with sound and ask them to decide what the priorities for further management should be.

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