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A van load of freshly harvested vegetables from a farm in Surrey travels a few miles to the centre of Guildford. Once there, the farm workers set up their stall at the weekly farmers' market to sell their range of locally grown vegetables, such as kale, parsnips, leeks, pumpkin, beetroot and white carrots. Stallholders in Leicester Market show the wide range of fruit and vegetables that they sell that comes to them from all over the world. Some of the places where the fruit and vegetables come from are Spain, Costa Rica, Egypt and the Caribbean.
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15 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Children can research what fruits and vegetables can be home grown. Where in the world do our fruit and vegetables come from? Why can't we grow some fruit and vegetables? Children could be set homework of collecting food wrappers from their foods at home and bring them in to school. They could then plot on a class map where all their food has come from. They can compare what types of food come from each country and see if the weather and temperature affects what grows there.