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Magnetic letters on the magic fridge spell out the words 'meal' and 'dream'. The letters 'ea' are highlighted in contrasting green letters, while the long vowel sound is verbally stressed in each word. The presenter then explains how easy it is to find 'ea' words, especially in a kitchen.
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19 January 1999

Classroom Ideas

In the clip, Sophie suggests there are plenty of words with 'ea' to be found in the kitchen. Ask the children what their dream meal would be. Take some suggestions: do any of them contain 'ea' words? Write on the board, 'For my dream meal, I eat . . .' Read the phrase together, emphasising the long vowels. Tell the children they can finish the sentence with any words they like, but they'll score a point for every 'ea' word they use. For instance: 'For my dream meal I eat cake and peas' (3 points). List other possibilities, including meat, beans, tea, leaves, wheat and cream. Children can then write the sentence of their choice and draw a picture to illustrate it.

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