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A description of domestic water recycling methods at a house in Mexico. A reporter tries the filtering system used to recycle the household's waste water. There is also a brief description of the daughter's schooling and father's employment in San Diego.
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22 June 2007

Classroom Ideas

As part of a study on Green energy, the clip shows a practical situation where a family in a less economically developed country rely on recycling water to carry out daily tasks. After discussing with the pupils the reality of living in a country where rainwater isn't plentiful, watch the clip to demonstrate how the problem is tackled. Pupils could design their own water recycling system for the school or their own home, showing their ideas through annotated diagrams and models. They could choose suitable materials and decide on the ideal location for the system, as well as explaining what the water could be used for eg flushing toilets and watering the garden.

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