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An explanation of how the Southern Uplands of Scotland were formed. Tour guide Tess explains to the alien Sprocket how, millions of years ago, Scotland was attached to America and England was attached to Europe and Africa. Over time, the two lands moved towards each other. When they met, the edges were pushed upwards forming the Southern Uplands.
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23 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

Pupils could be shown this clip with the sound muted. They can then play ‘vocabulary detectives.’ As they watch the clip, they should record any significant geographical words that spring to mind. This work could then be developed as the children research definitions for the words they have found. A similar activity could be presented to the class if the teacher writes some clues down about some of the geographical features, for example, ‘I have a source and a mouth.’ Children can then try to see if they find the words that the teacher has defined. An extension activity would be to ask the children to sort the vocabulary into two or more headings. Encourage creative thinking by asking pupils to devise their own headings.