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This is the eighth clip from the drama 'Some Dogs Bite', which follows a group of vulnerable young people on their journey to find some stability and security in their lives. After a long journey two half brothers H, Casey and their friend Venetia have finally reached Inverness, where Casey's natural father lives. H tells Casey to wait with Venetia while he goes to see the father, explaining that it is likely that the police are there waiting for them. H climbs up to the flat and confronts the father, who offers money but refuses to entertain the thought of taking Casey in. To hide the truth from Casey, H says that the father is dead and that they have no choice but to go back. Casey is bewildered and hurt but says that they could live with H, he has looked after them so far and they could go on as they are. H is heartbroken by Casey's desperation but says no.
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10 November 2010

Classroom Ideas

Ask students to imagine what has happened to Casey's father since he left Casey. He now appears to have his own council flat and has started a new family. Ask them to write a series of letters from the father to Casey, spaced roughly a year apart, telling Casey what he has been up to, what his hopes are, and how he feels about Casey and his mother. Students could try to imagine how Casey and his mother would have felt if they had seen the letters. Students could also swap letters and reply as Casey or his mother.

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