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The impacts of desertification include famine and migration. After the earth has been stripped by people or animals, the exposed soil is washed away by rains and the earth is left infertile. This combined with drought can lead to mass migration as people attempt to move to more fertile areas. To prevent this, practical methods have been introduced to some villages. Dams to store water and stone walls built along the contours of the land to prevent top soil from being washed away help reduce the effects of drought and erosion.
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16 March 2007

Classroom Ideas

Desertification has many causes, a number of impacts and also a range of solutions. Introduce students to a summary of these and encourage students to analyse which ones hold the most importance/ significance to them? It could also trigger a discussion on how students would tackle desertification - an extension could be in challenging students to think about the positive and negative potential impacts linked to their suggested strategies.

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