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Presenter Andy Kane visits coastal Grenada. It is cooler and less humid on the coast than it is in the rainforest. He joins a local family to play cricket, sample homemade custard ice cream and share their picnic. He learns about leisure activities which are popular with local children.
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26 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip highlights the links between climate and leisure activities in a contrasting country to the UK. At relevant points within the clip pupils could be asked to consider what activities they could take part in if they visited Grenada such as cricket, sailing, canoeing, and picnics. It is useful to challenge the children to consider why and how the environment makes this possible - hot weather, sandy beach, warm waters. Following this discussion, pupils could design a poster for tourists which advertises a beach club. They should aim to offer a range of exciting activities for a variety of people. Pupils should be challenged to include persuasive words and reference the unique advantages the landscape and climate offers to visitors from the UK.

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