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A flax mill employee from Leeds gives evidence to the Sadler Committee on Child Labour, 1832, about the harsh conditions of work. She also explains the treatment she has received at the hands of the overseers since beginning work at the age of six.
Primary History
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Primary History, Time Lines: Work
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9 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

The clip could be used as a stimulus for a discussion and investigation into the working experiences of children in Victorian Britain. Use as a resource to prompt an ethical discussion on child labour. Where does it happen in the world today and what are the issues? Pupils could be told that they are judges in the hearing and must decide whether or not the young lady was unfairly treated when she was young and working at the mill. Once they have made their decision, they could be asked to justify it with a summary of why her overseers were right or wrong in their treatment of her.

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