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A demonstration of the use of a camera to show hot and cold areas. Using a camera which can detect varying degrees of temperature, children are asked to identify whether an object is hot or cold. The term 'insulator' is introduced and it is explained how people use insulation on a daily basis in the form of clothes. The clip also details how animals use insulation to keep warm and how we use insulation in the home.
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9 October 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to explain what temperature is and after watching the clip, pupils could plan their own investigations into which materials are the best insulators - a selection of different types of gloves, hats and coats could be analysed and tested. Drawing conclusions from results could be reinforced here. Similar investigations could be carried out such as understanding how flasks work, a look at different duvet togs and researching how different animals are insulated with body fat, fur and by huddling together.

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