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Jimmy tours a factory to discover how they manage to make perfect chocolate mini rolls every time. He sees how technology is used to ensure that every batch of batter to make the sponges is the correct consistency, to measure the width and depth of each sponge and to add air to the batter. The baked sponges are formed into rolls on the factory line and then chopped into mini rolls using a vibrating knife to ensure little pressure is used and the air is not removed from the sponges keeping the shape.
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9 February 2011

Classroom Ideas

Could be used as an alternative to an industrial visit. This might be as part of a revision activity, where learners are asked to draw a flowchart or method of production for the processes described in the clip. Alternatively, it could be used to compare similar products made in school, create a method of reproducing a similar product using facilities in a school kitchen or plan a production process for another product made by the learners.