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Orgreave is an opencast mine in Yorkshire. Coal has been mined in the area for more than 200 years. The methods and the number of people employed have changed over this time. The report explains opencast and deep shaft mining methods as well as briefly touching on how the numbers employed in mining have changed.

Aspects of this programme reflect the time when it was made - the Orgreave mine is now closed.
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Landmarks, Digging the Landscape
First broadcast:
28 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

Prior to the lesson, children should be aware of the different forms of energy we use - electricity, coal, wind turbines etc. They could then find out how these energies are available to us. They could also have a debate about which form of retrieving coal is better - using the shaft or the lorries? Once they know how the different forms of energy reach us, they could decide which is the most cost effective, which is the most sustainable and which costs the most to reach us.

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