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Presenters Dick and Dom read extracts from 'George’s Marvellous Medicine' by Roald Dahl, explaining why it’s their favourite children’s book, how it captured their imaginations and why they love to read. The real and animated worlds collide to reveal the wonder that is contained within the book.

We hear Dick & Dom discussing George’s grandma and the strange relationship that he has with her, and see them concocting a special medicine of their own, with unexpected results.
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12 October 2012

Classroom Ideas

This extract would be useful for demonstrating how using adjectives to describe can help the reader to feel like they are part of the story. Children can collect the adjectives from the extract and then use them to improve their own writing or some un-interesting sentences. It can be used in illustrating the work of Roald Dahl and to encourage viewers to explore and develop their own taste in books. Can be used to highlight the huge range of reading experiences available to young people and to explore how students imagine and interpret the books they have read.

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