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A guided tour through the Lacandon rainforest in Chiapas, south-east Mexico, looking at the plants, animals and natural environment. Our guide Carlos introduces us to the edible plants, vegetation and natural herbal remedies which can be found in the rainforest. He warns what will become of the world at large if the rainforest is allowed to die.
Primary Geography
This clip is from:
Primary Geography, Mexico - Changing Environments
First broadcast:
15 June 2007

Classroom Ideas

The clip could be used to stimulate research on the types of plants and animals found in the Mexican rainforest. Children could create food chains and compare and contrast different habitats of the animals. It could provide a stimulus for children to research the rainforest ecosystem and then compare and contrast this to other ecosystems. Children could look into what deforestation is and the impact that it could have on the local environment if it continued. They could be asked to imagine they are writing letters to the company directors who are cutting the trees down, to persuade them to stop, by outlining the dangers of deforestation and the impact it will have on the local environment. The children could create posters to raise awareness of this type of problem.

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