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A variety of different goods are exported from Mumbai all over the world. Spices grown in Kerala in southern India are sold in the markets of Mumbai. Leather is used in shoe manufacture in the city and the shoes are exported to supermarkets in Europe. Gold paint for the textile industry is imported into Mumbai along with diamonds. Once the diamond jewellery has been designed in India, it is then exported to America. Mumbai was once famous for the manufacture of textiles, but the mills are now closing and shopping malls are being built instead.
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26 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Pupils could watch the clip as an introduction to research on the import and export of goods in Mumbai. The pupils could then compare with import and exports in the UK. How has this changed over time in Mumbai and the UK? The children could have maps of the world and draw on the maps what countries are famous for exporting. Children could taste some traditional Indian cuisine and link this to the importance of markets to get the ingredients. The class could compare to traditional English cuisine and how we get our ingredients.

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