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How can the energy crisis be solved? James Lovelock advocates nuclear power. He feels it is too late to adopt renewable energy sources, suggesting that in the future the UK will have to become self-sufficient in food production. He makes a number of criticisms of wind turbines and other renewable energy sources and claims a tidal barrage on the River Severn is the only practical alternative to conventional power stations.
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6 March 2008

Classroom Ideas

Pupils could be given a table with energy sources down the side, and advantages and disadvantages in neighbouring columns. Energy sources here include wind, biomass, tidal, and solar. Notes could be made from the video, then pupils could be sent away to research each of these in depth, and try to argue the case for each of them. The teacher or another pupil in a 'hot chair' in the centre of the class could play the role of James Lovelock, to defend his case.

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