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Ballycopeland Windmill in County Down is the last example of a working windmill in the whole of Ireland. Facing into the wind, its sails turn and rotate a series of wheels and cogs to the main drive shaft. The corn is ground between stones, which are powered by the wind.
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1 February 2002

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as an introduction to a study of renewable energy sources, in particular wind energy. Having watched the clip, the class could discuss the mechanics of the windmill. Muting the sound might enable them to test their knowledge as they could be challenged to write a script that explains this section of the clip. In addition, the concept of windmills can be developed into a discussion about wind turbines. Pupils could be shown pictures of a windmill and a turbine and list similarities and differences between the two structures (materials used, what the job of the turbine and the windmill is, where they are found and located, size). Children could be asked to design their own simple windmill or turbine structure and decide where it would be best located in the school grounds. They would need to consider weather conditions as well as aesthetic properties when making proposals.

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