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Jenny is on the family TV quiz show, 'Happy Families'. She is asked about the part she plays in her family and is shown how she could help to improve relationships by making different choices.
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4 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

You could ask the children to draw a picture of a 'feeling good' day, one where they and others had felt good about what they had done. If they can, write at the side what it is they are doing. Invite them to share with others what they had done that made it a good day. Collect ideas from the class about things they do that help to make it a ‘feeling good’ day. You could categorise their answers into home and school; things they do to help others; doing what they are asked by family members and teacher. Consider with the children why and how doing these things help us feel good at home and school. The children could consider the choices in the clip and which would be most likely to lead to a 'feeling good' day and why.