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Midas and Pactolus are rival rappers. At a show, Midas comes down with a cold and cannot carry on singing. This leaves his rival to take all the glory. He wishes that it was he who was famous. But things don't turn out as Midas planned and soon everything he touches turns to gold - in a negative way.
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English - Midas
First broadcast:
9 March 2009

Classroom Ideas

Useful as a model for the updating of a Greek myth. Children could keep the main elements of the story and plan to change the setting or time of the story. Could also be used as a model for a 'wishes' story. Useful for discussing character traits such as pride and resolving problems through co-operation. Would fit in well with cross curricular work on Ancient Greece. Re-tell using appropriate voices for different characters. Structure a new sequence of events based on the story and use this as a story plan. Write in the style of the story using typical dialogue, past tense and time connectives.