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Brutus explains to the crowd why the conspirators killed Caesar and then insists they stay to hear Mark Antony. Antony gives an emotional eulogy over the dead body of his friend.

MARCUS BRUTUS - Paterson Joseph
MARK ANTONY - Ray Fearon
SOOTHSAYER - Theo Ogundipe
CITIZENS - Segun Akingbola, Mark Ebulue, Samantha Lawson, Simon Manyonda, Chinna Wodu

Production Design by Michael Vale
Director of Photography Steve Lawes
Editor Trevor Waite
Produced by John Wyver
Directed by Greg Doran
This clip is from:
First broadcast:
7 September 2012

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the scene, ask students to write down what they know of the characters of Brutus and Mark Antony, from the play so far. How far do they see these characters as similar, and how far are they differentiated by Shakespeare? How do they think that each will react to the death of Caesar? Alternatively, you can write snippets from each speech onto cards (eg 'as Caesar lov'd me, I weep for him', 'it were a grievous fault, and grievously hath Caesar answered it', and ask students to try and decide which man is most likely to say each thing about Caesar. Ask students to brainstorm ways in which to calm down an angry crowd. What would you do when faced by a mob of people who all thought you were a murderer and were anxious for justice? You cannot deny that you did the murder, but you can explain why you did it. Ask students to evaluate how effective Brutus's speech is in excusing his actions.

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