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A reading by the writer Matthew Sweeney of his poem 'Fishbones Dreaming'. Starting from the point of view of a set of fish bones as it lies in a rubbish bin, the poem follows the fish back through when it was on a plate ready to be eaten, being stored in a freezer and when it was caught by a fishing boat, before concluding with the fish happy in its natural environment. The poem promotes understanding of the process of bringing a fish to the plate.
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3 March 1992

Classroom Ideas

Discuss the reverse recount style of the poem and how effective it is in tracing the story of the fishbones. Children could adapt the style of the poem to tell the story of another animal or artefact using the refrain from the poem of 'He didn't like to be this way. He shut his eyes and dreamed back.' Talk about how effectively the poet uses verbs as a descriptive technique such as 'squirming in the net' and '...darting through the waves.' Encourage children to use similar techniques in their own work.