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A report about the ghost town of Rhyolite in Death Valley. Though it is situated in an inhospitable environment, a hundred years ago 8,000 people lived in the town. As photographs show, it was a busy mining town which sprang up when the town struck gold. It had a three storey bank and a smart railway station. Now it is a ghost town and the crumbling ruins are left to bake in the heat of Death Valley.
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26 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

Pupils could be shown this clip as an introduction to the town of Rhyolite. Having watched the rise of the town in the clip they could then come together as a class to generate some questions that are left unanswered: "What happened to cause the demise of the town? What will happen to it now?"

Pupils could then go on to carry out additional research into the story. They can then choose a genre to write up their findings. Another idea could be to research other places where this has happened. Can pupils spot any patterns in their findings, such as dates or locations?

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