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An Irishman practises his French by preparing the language he needs for a trip to Toulon. We also see him in a tourist office, asking how to get to Toulon.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Useful as a comprehension exercise to test understanding of bus times. Can be used to revise telling the time using the 24-hour clock. Students could look at pictures of clocks and say what time it is, using the 24-hour clock, and compare this with the time using the 12-hour clock. They could then say what time they do certain things, using the present tense, eg what time they get up or go to school. For homework they could write about what time they do things, using the 24-hour clock. In pairs, they could revise asking for and giving directions to various places, although they would first need to be reminded of tournez à droite, allez tout droit, etc. It would be useful to provide a simple town plan for them to work from.

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