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A look at how different animals live and look after their young in Africa. Includes a lion and lioness with their cubs; an elephant with its calf; a giraffe with her calf; and a hippopotamus with its calf.
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25 February 2007

Classroom Ideas

Students could work in pairs, each taking a different African animal as their focus of study. One person in the pair could look at the adult animal and the other, the young. The pairs could research their animals and then compare the adult and young for each species. What are the size differences? How do their diets differ/compare? Are there any differences in appearance such as the colour of their fur? Why? Students could go on to compare the differences between adult and young animals between species. Do young animals in Africa share any common traits?

Each pair could also investigate the dependency of young animals on their parents and the form of this dependency. Looking at it from both perspectives, one student could list the ways in which their chosen young animal needs its parents, while their partner could look at ways in which the parents must care for the young

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