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Presenters Richard Hammond and Chris Packham give their opinions on the pros and cons of cycling as a means of transport. Cycling has health benefits but drawbacks include the time taken to travel long distances.
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24 November 2003

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip, children could be asked to consider the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by bike. After watching the clip, children could be challenged to come up with ideas about promoting people in their local area to use their bikes more often. This could be in their street, or within their class or whole school. Children could write letters, outlining the advantages of travelling by bike, including the benefits to the local environment. They could produce posters to try and entice people to try biking more. Children could also be asked to design a new bike, aimed at particular groups of people, eg business men travelling in suits or shoppers with lots of bags, in an attempt to persuade them to ride their bike instead of driving their car.