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How to ask for and understand information about visiting a museum. Demonstrates how to ask certain questions such as what time a tour takes place or whether there is a cafe in the museum. We also learn how to describe paintings and colours by using various adjectives.
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11 September 2008

Classroom Ideas

For the first part of the clip, pupils could be given a script cut up into the tourist information person and customer parts. The pupils could put them in order, first without help, then as they listen to it, which could lead to a detailed reading activity or translation. This could then lead to both a listening activity, based on the second part of the clip ("is there a café in the museum?"), and a speaking activity, where pupils follow the initial 'model' of the dialogue to make up a discussion between a tourist at an information person, asking about opening hours of another Parisian landmark, and what is available in the museum or at the landmark. Finally, the speaking could be extended by the teacher offering a different painting to the pupils, and invite them to describe it, and explain why it is famous (eg. Le Cri, Munch, Les tournesols, Van Gogh).

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