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In this re-enactment, a farming family from 500 years ago bring their produce to market to trade with other stallholders. A local historian explains how the range of vegetables they grew then was very seasonal and much more limited to what we find now, though some ‘luxury’ fruit, like oranges and figs, were shipped in from the Mediterranean. He also describes how, over time, the present-day city grew up around the original market.
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15 March 2011

Classroom Ideas

Encourage the children to sketch features of the buildings they see while watching the clip. After viewing, ask: "How can we tell which buildings come from a long time ago and which buildings were put up in our own time?" Collect pupils' responses. Take the class for a walk in the local area. Can pupils spot and sketch any buildings with features similar to the ones they saw in the clip? A church or a pub often makes a good subject. Can the children find any signs or plaques recording when these buildings were put up?

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