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A report about the different types of animal's feet, including horses, cats, bears, parrots, monkeys, seals, snails, elephants.
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26 February 2007

Classroom Ideas

The clip could be useful to stimulate discussions about matching features of the animal’s feet to their purpose eg soft pads on cats to help them catch prey or large claws on bears to help them climb trees. It could also be used as a starting point for children to create their own “animal feet” from everyday materials, to solve a problem created by the teacher. For example; “Can you create an animal foot that can sneak up on prey but also climb trees?” Children would look for materials to match the soft pads of cats (cotton wool, tissue paper etc) so that the feet make very little noise and also a way of being able to climb a tree (pipe cleaners representing claws or a sticky surface like a snail).

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