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Two students explain how they have gathered and recorded ideas for the development of their final piece. One student working on the theme 'Overhead and Underneath' describes keeping a diary to document her ideas, initial sketches and details of artists who have inspired her work. The second student, working on the theme 'Everyday Objects' explains how he has developed ideas through the use of a story board. He also describes how his collection of sounds and video clips has progressed into a final video piece.
GCSE Bitesize Revision
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GCSE Bitesize Revision, Art
First broadcast:
24 March 2009

Classroom Ideas

Could be used to demonstrate the importance of recording pupils’ own thoughts in their sketchbooks. The clip discusses how students should analyse the media, processes and techniques that they have used. Students could peer assess each other’s work to see if they feel their classmates are recording their ideas well enough. Does their sketchbook, storyboard or portfolio read well? Could it be annotated better? Can you tell how the pupil has developed their ideas or where they have taken their inspiration from? They could then be given sticky notes to put down any thoughts on how their peers could improve their work.

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