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Mosques all over the world share a number of similar features; they often have a minaret and a dome, sometimes they are surrounded by an arcade or have a school called a Madrasa. Muslims do not have to perform the Salat in a mosque except on Friday at mid-day.

Before entering a mosque, Muslims must remove their shoes. It is normal for men and women to pray in different areas of the mosque. There are no priests in Islam, but most mosques have an Imam.
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15 March 1996

Classroom Ideas

Before watching the clip, provide students with a list of requirements for a place of worship (for example it needs to be kept cool in hot climate, needs to be able to show that all worshippers are equal, all must face a certain direction for worship, male and female worshippers must pray separately, there should be space for a community centre, school, library). Ask students to design a building that meets these requirements. Then, show the clip and see how mosques meet the needs of Muslim worshippers.

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