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The appeal of mountain biking featuring a member of 'The Clan', Scotland's top downhill mountain biking team. This fast and spectacular sport attracts racers as young as 13. It can be dangerous and riders have to wear appropriate protective clothing. The bikes ridden by professionals are very specialised, including sophisticated suspension forks and brakes.
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1 March 2000

Classroom Ideas

Using this clip as an introduction, children could begin to consider their own thoughts and feelings when they are trying something new. It can also be used to generate discussions about how active sports can play an important role in keeping a person fit as part of a healthy lifestyle. Above all, this clip highlights the importance of personal safety and provides an opportunity for children to consider the ways in which they are responsible for their own safety by ensuring they are fully equipped and prepared for any activities they undertake. Having watched the clip, the children could also be encouraged to investigate the range of sports and activities available in their own local area and the opportunities offered to them to participate in such activities.

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