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Explains how to combine acoustic instruments and electronic effects to create a composition which reflects a particular mood. It is suggested that the sea could be used as the inspiration for creating a piece of mood music. A good starting point is the choice of appropriate instruments. Technology could be used to develop ideas and graphic score to notate the piece. The young composer Helen Gould explains how the starting point for her composition was the colour blue. Using the piano as the starting timbre she describes how she uses technology to develop her musical ideas, for example, she uses echo and synthesised string sounds.
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16 June 1999

Classroom Ideas

Working individually or in pairs, create a piece of music on the computer to create the mood of the sea in the clip. Consider the intervals between notes to help set your mood. Change the textures and timbres of the sounds you use. Use the effects available on your software. Research and listen to music written about the sea.

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