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In 1987, the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians over land, control of sacred sites, resources and suicide terrorism boiled into the The First Intifada (Palestinian Uprising) debate. For the Palestinians, their objective was to remove the Israeli troops and civilians from territory they considered 'occupied land' and to declare an independent Palestinian State. From the viewpoint of Amram Mitzna, Head of the Israeli Defence Forces (1986-1990), this was Israel's first real challenge to their authority and the realisation that it will be impossible to occupy the disputed territories without a permanent peace solution.

Whilst there was violence on both sides this Intifada was also a turning point for the PLO who, under Yasser Arafat, altered their ambitions and now accepted the need to find a permanent solution to peace: a two-state solution - one for an independent Israel and one for an independent Palestine.
Secondary Schools
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Secondary Schools, Arab Israeli Conflict
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29 January 2004

Classroom Ideas

Students could create a timeline of events leading to the first intifada. They could then use the timeline as a point of reference and attempt to rank what they consider to be the causes of the first intifada in order of their significance.

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