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How tourism helps local people in Brighton. Over 8 million people visit Brighton each year, bringing many benefits to the city. Tourism creates and maintains many jobs for local people in places such as hotels and flower shops, as well as in more traditional industries such as fishing.
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29 November 2007

Classroom Ideas

Teachers could use this clip as a quick mental starter for a Geography lesson. They could show the pupils the clip with the sound muted and ask the children to record as many geographical terms as they can through the duration. Pupils can be awarded one point for each correct response or two points for a correct term which nobody else identified within the class. Alternatively, the clip could be used as a stimulus for extended writing. Pupils can be shown the clip and asked to record all the positive outcomes of tourism. They can use this research to write a discursive text which considers a question such as, ‘What are the benefits of tourism in a seaside town?’ Towards the end of the clip, viewers are told that Brighton is a ‘managed coastline.’ Pupils could be asked to develop an area which will appeal to tourists.

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